When Patriots Step Up To Defend Liberty

If you visited the Drudge Report on Sunday, you saw that he posted a photo of a “demonstration” by a bunch of brainwashed juvenile delinquents wearing shirts containing expletives towards the president-elect while burning an effigy of him (imagine, for a moment, if any white people had burned an effigy of Obama when he won twice, or Clinton if  she had one).

Are these eventually going to just peter out like all of the other Left-wing anger-fests?

Probably not.

That’s because these protests ...

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President Trump We the People “Got your back”

By “We the People,” I mean all the genuine patriots across America.

We are the alternative media publishers, the active duty and retired military and police officers, the firemen and EMTs, the factory workers, concealed carry holders and small business entrepreneurs.

We are armed in self-defense, we are dedicated to protecting America, and we are at the ready to do what is needed to restore law and order while defending our families, communities and national borders against terrorists and traitors.

Keep ...

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Abrams writes, “The current proposal from the Dairy lobby is to put NutraSweet in the chocolate milk we serve to school children.” She also expresses her belief that this effort needs to be brought to a grinding halt.

Abrams had been emailing a man identified as Don Kennedy, and expressed her concern about the addition of aspartame to chocolate milk used in school lunches. Chocolate milk is consumed at a ratio of 4 to 1, compared to plain white milk.


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The Defeated Left Turns To HATE

Liberals unleash beatings, death threats and calls for mass murder of Trump supporters.

PREDICTION: Trump supporters will start shooting back in self-defense any day now.

I predict that armed Trump supporters — law-abiding citizens who legally carry concealed, loaded weapons like I do — will start shooting back in self-defense.



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Say No To Any Federal Investigation In Your Jurisdiction.

More will be coming on This Subject!

Until Then Think About This:

1.       Are You not competent enough to handle a crime in your jurisdiction?

2.       What type of crimes in your jurisdiction warrant the feds to be involved?

3.       Why do they not just pass along the information they have to you?

4.       Could something more sinister be going on, that you need to be kept in the dark?

5.       Are you believing a Lie?

6.       Now is the time to show you really care about ...

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